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The Olive Grove |our apartment

On the first floor of our structure you will find the Uliveto, a spacious apartment of over 30 m2 with a fantastic terrace overlooking the Marche countryside and a view that extends from the Conero Riviera to nearby Recanati.

When renovating we tried to have great respect for those who built before us, enhancing what already existed and which, despite its simplicity, was of a touching beauty. This is the case of the olive grove, where we have maintained that rural taste of the farmhouses, trying to combine it with a contemporary and clean design, highlighting the essentiality of the ancient country houses. The rooms will welcome you in simple elegance, ideal for those looking for a place of the soul. The terrace overlooking the garden is postcard-perfect, surrounded by centuries-old mulberry trees and olive trees that blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape without interruption.

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